Our employees put in the hard-work for the benefit of the company. So shouldn’t we return the favor. This is how we do it.

New day brings new learning
You learn new things on a daily basis by working with us. That’s one thing we guarantee. But we also need to raise the bar and push ourselves to do better than yesterday. Towards that, we conduct regular training classes, workshops and seminars for you, presided over by industry experts and other professionals. We encourage you to actively take part in it all, so that you can pick up new skills and shine. Also, if you’re a new employee, our 13 days induction programme for new employees is designed to prepare you better for the life ahead.

Good gets noticed
Good performances never go unnoticed here. It’s always appreciated, not just by a friendly pat on the back by the seniors but also by certificates, awards, bonuses and a likely promotion. We also send our employees on company sponsored yearly trips, both domestic and abroad. It’s our small way of thanking you for putting in the hard work.

Claim it
Medical bills should be the last of worries with us. Our mediclaim benefits will allow you cashless treatment so that you spend all your energies in taking care of yourself or that of your family. And in case, for some reason you do spend from your pocket, the money will get reimbursed at the earliest.

Healthy and Happy
We want you to be happy and healthy always. And just in case you happen to face a medical problem, our group insurance policy is there to cover it all. This is our way of wishing you get well soon. .