Body language speaks volumes
Your body language speaks a lot about you. It could influence the person sitting next to you positively or negatively depending on your conduct. The right answers along with the right body language could be the deal breaker.

Positivity works wonders
Your chips may be down. You may have run into heavy traffic on the way or you are upset about the auto-guy overcharging you on the way to interview. But don’t let it show on your face when you enter the interview room. Otherwise, you’ll see that same frown on the face of the interviewers when leave the interview room.

Get, set, breathe
Feeling anxious for the interview? Breathe deeply. It will calm your nerves. And don’t forget to flash a smile as soon as you enter to stimulate a good feeling.

Your sitting posture
Sit straight to present a confident you. While talking, use your hands to express yourself better. And don’t forget to maintain a friendly eye contact to everyone present. It’ll make everyone in the room feel a part of the conversation.

Things to watch out for
To be heard, you don’t have to raise your voice.You have to keep it down. Keep an even tone to sound confident. It gets the points across more clearly. And keep a calm face to go with it, without showing any signs of stress on your face.