It’s your first day at work, and you’re a bag of nerves. A little unsure and a little excited at the same time. That’s natural. Blending in will take its own sweet time. But these tips should make the journey smooth.

Step in with a positive attitude
Step in the new workplace with a positive and friendly attitude. If you’re positive, the place also appears so.

Dress to impress
If there a company dress code, follow it with heart. Or simply use a bit of common sense in your dressing sense. And dress in a presentable manner. Not too loud, not too obtuse. Dress to look smart.

The moment you step in
When introduced to your co-workers, shake hands firmly and try to memorise their names quickly. Or if you run into someone in the coffee machine area or the lift area, flash a smile. It also helps to prepare a little introduction about. And you’ll be surprised at how quickly you make new friends at work.

Start taking initiatives
It’s a lot about taking interest in your work from the start. Speak freely, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and ask for help. Being new, you’re not expected to know it all. Remember, the more you ask, the more answers you get.

Avoid this and that
Don’t indulge in small talks, back-biting and office politics. It might sound fun, but you could end up on the receiving end soon. Not healthy at all. But maintaining a good attendance record is healthy.

Be on time
Respect office timings and the time of others and set good examples for others to follow.

A great start
You could be new and starting out. And things might take time to fall in place. But if you stick to some basic rules, you’ll soon find that the new place will feel a lot less strange than it used to. And work, a lot more enjoyable.