Getting there
Like a hurdle race, there are stages that need to be crossed before one gets to the finishing line. And when you have the appointment letter in your hand, rejoicing and breaking the news to your loved ones, you can always proudly add how you’ve earned it all.

To each his own
Though there are some common steps to the whole process of recruitment, it varies as per the departments and job profile. A marketing department would have a different selection process than a R&D department.

One step at a time
Here are some basic steps that one needs to climb or follow before being recruited:

Step one
As we mentioned before, we’ve different sources/ consultants on-board who help us find the right candidate. As the first step we source resumes and profiles of candidates from them. So, don’t forget to get in touch with one of them.

Step two
From the lot, we shortlist some candidates and our HR calls them for a telephonic interview. Call it the first process of screening. Make sure to keep the consultants you approach, updated on your number.

Step three
If you impress at the telephonic interview, you get a call for the personal interview and a written test.

Step four
If you manage to clear both with flying colours, we call you again. This time not for another round of interview but to discuss your pay package, rules, terms and conditions and other useful things.

Step five
The next step is the submission of documents. Be careful with it because we verify them as well.

Step Six
Upon verification of your documents and background checks, we release your offer letter. It is generally accompanied by a unified call from friends for a treat.

Step Seven
It’s not really a step. Unless you take it literally.Because, now you’re welcome to join the DoWellLifeScience family and take the first step towards a glowing future.


DoWellLifeScience is committed to a better planet, one that has access to affordable and quality healthcare products. And also one that goes beyond its core expertise. Making the world a better place to live in.